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    An RF Isolator is a two port device that protects RF components in a system from excessive signal reflection. It is a non-reciprocal device that ensures that all the power is transmitted from port 1 to port 2, while isolating absorbing/isolating any power incident at port 2.

    RF circulators are three port devices designed to provide isolation between transmit and receive signals for radar, actively electronically steered antenna (AESA) arrays, satellite communications, and telecommunications applications.

    RF resistors are excellent for mounting directly to heat sinks for improved heat dissipation. The devices are available in single, double and four hole flange-mounting styles. These devices have standard resistance values of 50 & 100 ohms. The RF resistors are offered in power ratings ranging from 250 to 800 watts.

    Power wave will decay through Attenuation Chip. Its basic function is to attenuate the power level of the pass-through signal. Normally, the insertion loss of communication component is required as lower as possible. However, the Attenuation Chip is acting as an opposite role.

    Coaxial load is a single port passive microwave device, which is widely used in microwave devices and microwave circuits.